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Monday, October 12 -- 7:00pm
Outwords Men’s Book Group
The Outwords Men's Book Club
in October will take place on Monday, October 12th @ 7:00pm.  The group will discuss Salvation Army, a poignant coming of age novel from Moroccan writer Abdellah Taïa.

An autobiographical novel by turn naive and cunning, funny and moving, this most recent work by Moroccan expatriate Abdellah Taia is a major addition to the new French literature emerging from the North African Arabic diaspora. Salvation Army is a coming-of-age novel that tells the story of Taia's life with complete disclosure--from a childhood bound by family order and latent (homo)sexual tensions in the poor city of Sale, through an adolescence in Tangier charged by the young writer's attraction to his eldest brother, to a disappointing arrival in the Western world to study in Geneva in adulthood.

Tuesday, October 13 – 7:00pm

Lesbian Reading Group @ Outwords Books
Please come and join the discussion of White Horse in Winter by Franci McMahon, when the Lesbian Reading Group @ Outwords Books meets on Tuesday, October 13th at 7:00pm.

Montana rancher Becky Miles is drawn into the snake pit of internalized homophobia when she travels to Vermont to find out if her gal, Jane Scott, still loves her. Jane's life is enmeshed by old guilt and compassion for Georgia, whose horse training business is tarnished by a tragic death in her barn. Miles has little patience for Georgia, a closeted lesbian who is desperate to pass among the upper crust of the horse show world. Neither Jane nor Miles has any idea, at first, just how desperate Georgia is to pass in the straight world.

Monday, November 9 – 7:00pm

Outwords Men’s Book Group
in November the Outwords Men's Book Club  will take place on Monday, November 9th @ 7:00pm.  The group will discuss Tom Mendicino's captivating family drama, The Boys from Eighth and Carpenter.

S. Gagliano & Son has been a barber shop fixture in South Philly for decades. Frankie and Michael Gagliano s Italian immigrant father Luigi to his customers, Papa to his sons presides over the store, enlisting his children as soon as they re big enough to wield a broom. On their mother s deathbed, eight-year-old Frankie swears that he and his little brother will always take care of each other, a vow he endeavors to keep through their father s violent outbursts and the string of wives who try to take their mother s place.

After their father s death, Frankie takes over the shop, transforming it to fit in with the gentrifying neighborhood. Michael becomes a successful prosecutor with a rising political career, still close to his big brother despite the differences between them. Then comes an unthinkable, impulsive act that will force Michael to choose between risking his comfortable life and keeping a sacred oath made before he knew how powerful a promise can be.

Tuesday, November 10 – 7:00pm
Lesbian Reading Group @ Outwords Books
Please come and join the discussion of C.A. Popovich's latest romance, The Courage to Try.

From Great Danes to Pomeranians to polydactyl cats, in the rural town of Novi, Michigan, veterinarian Dr. Jaylin Meyers treats them all. But being brought up in the foster care system, she's learned not to count on anyone staying around. New vet tech Kristen Eckert has no time for a relationship. She'd much rather take care of horses, shoot skeet, or ride her Appaloosa. Their mutual attraction takes them both by surprise, and they are drawn into a relationship. But Jaylin is frightened by the idea of relying on someone else and withdraws. When Kristen is injured in an auto accident, can Jaylin find the courage to risk her heart with Kristen or will she let her chance at love vanish forever?

All Outwords Books events are free and everyone is welcome!

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