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Monday, September 1
Memorial Day
Outwords Books is Closed.

Monday, September 8 @ 7:00pm

Outwords Men's Reading Group
The City of Palaces by Michael Nava is the book to be discussed.
New members always welcome!

Tuesday, September 9 @ 7:00pm
Lesbian Reading Group @ Outwords Books
The group will discuss Departure from the Script by Jae
Everyone is welcome to join in on the discussion.

Monday, October 6 @ 7:00pm
Reading with Gregg Shapiro, Lincoln Avenue: Chicago Stories
    With its twelve sharply observed stories filled with memorable characters and dialogue imbued with the pop music of the day, Gregg Shapiro reflects on what it meant to grow up gay in Chicago during the 1970s and 1980s. Relationships —family, boyfriends, and otherwise—are explored in stories such as “Lunch with a Porn Star,” “Marilyn, My Mother, Myself,” and “Your Father’s Car.” Only a gay Chicago native with a keen eye could give us such an insider’s view of the Windy City from a more innocent time not too long ago.

Saturday, October 11 @ 4:00pm

Reading/signing with popular Andrew Grey, Love Comes Around
    Dan was a throwaway child and learned to take care of himself in foster care. As an adult, he devotes his life to the business he started and his heart to raising children no one else wants. Dan has already adopted six-year-old Lila, who walks on crutches, and then decides to adopt eight-year-old Jerry, who suffers from MD and is confined to a wheelchair. Also abandoned as a child, Connor ended up on his own and retreated into himself. He works as a carpenter and woodcarver and is the perfect man to ensure Dan’s home becomes wheelchair accessible. When Dan hires Connor, neither of the men are ready to open their hearts to the possibility of love. As they learn how much they have in common, both of them must weigh the possibility of family and a future against the risks of getting hurt again.    
    plus Under the Stars, writing as Geoff Laughton

Monday, October 13 @ 7:00pm
Outwords Men's Reading Group
Firefly by Janette Jenkins is the book to be discussed.
Everyone is welcome to join in on the discussion.

Tuesday, October 14 @ 7:00pm
Lesbian Reading Group @ Outwords Books
The group will discuss Let the Lover Be by Sheree L. Greer
New members always welcome!

Saturday, October 18 @ 4:00pm
Signing/reading with Outwords Books favorite David Pratt, Looking After Joey.
    Wouldn't it be great if a character from a porn movie stepped right out of your TV, into your life? Well, be careful what you wish for because that's how Calvin and Peachy end up looking after Joey. Then Peachy decides to make Joey the center of in a social-climbing scheme that will take them all from Chelsea to Park Avenue to Fire Island and will entangle a rogues' gallery of eccentric Manhattanites, including portly, perspiring publicist Bunce van den Troell; theatrical investor Sir Desmond Norma; studly thespian Clive Tidwell-Smidgin; and evil lubricant king Fred Pflester and his mysterious nephew, Jeffrey. Tender, wise, witty and utterly deranged, Looking After Joey will make you wish you, too, had a porn character sitting at your kitchen table, pointing at the toast and asking, "What's this called again?"

Saturday, October 25 @ 4:00pm
An Autumn Quartet with Anne Laughlin, Chris Payntor, Angela Koenig and Sheila J. Connolly
    Angela Koenig, Rendezvous in the Himalaya
    The Acquittal by Anne Laughlin
    Maggie's Mechanics by Sheila J. Connolly
    Chris Payntor, TBA

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